-November 17th, 1999- The Journal of Formula One Motorsport -Vol. 5, No. 46-

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1999 Qualifying Differentials
by Marcel Borsboom 

The season finale of the Formula One Qualifying Differentials World Championship. And the title goes to...

How Would F1 Score in CART?
by Marcel Borsboom 

The CART scoring system is vastly different than that of Formula One. Some might say it's more fair; some might say it's just more complicated. Either way, it shows a different result for the 1999...

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Reflections on 1999
by Roger Horton 

For much of the '99 season a strange sense of unreality reigned. That it ended in very much the justified result, takes nothing away from a season that many will remember more for its chaos than for its winners. Roger Horton reflects on the Season that Was

50 Years of Formula One
by Barry Kalb 

A half century of the modern Formula One championship is now behind us, and journalist Barry Kalb has a look at the men who brought fascination to millions of fans around the world. Who they were, what were their achievements - here are the conclusions and the stats

The Season 1999 End of Term Report
by Mark Glendenning 

Having graded the drivers for their Mid-Term report after the British Grand Prix, Mark Glendenning once again wears his schoolmaster cap and awards the drivers their second term and final grades for 99

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