-January 27th, 1999- The Journal of Formula One Motorsport -Vol. 5, No. 4-

The Z-Files: Alex Comes Home to F1 ATLAS F1 News
by Thomas O'keefe   Updated Daily Throughout the Year
     Alex Zanardi's returns to F1 reuintes him with
     familiar faces and promises the fans a real blast REFLECTIONS
The Flying Doctor Reflections On Another Age
Atlas F1 Special   by Roger Horton  
     40 years after an early retirement from the Rally,      Mike Hawthorn, Britain's first WC, died exactly
     'Prof Watkins' is one of F1's best-known figures      40 years ago. A look back to a very different era
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 Paul Kaizar, Editor & Publisher (USA) Biranit Goren, Managing Editor (Israel)
 Rory Gordon, Senior Writer (Australia) Roger Horton, Senior Writer (England)
 Mitch McCann, Contributing Writer (USA) Marcel Schot, Contributing Writer (Netherlands)
 Max Galvin, Contributing Writer (England) Ian Burley, Contributing Writer (England)
 Mike Viveen, News Editor (Netherlands) Jan Nottmeier, News Writer (USA)

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