-September 12, 1995- The Journal of Formula One Motorsport -Vol. 1, No. 13-

66 Gran Premo D'Italia Autodromo Nazionale Monza 1995

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  • Italian Grand Prix - 95
  • Feature Articles
  • Italy: A Time to Analyze the Qualifying Season by Robert Balling (USA)
  • A View from the Inside: Pacific by Max Galvin (Britain)
  • From the Factory and in the Garage: Part 3 by Bill Doolittle (USA)
  • Arrows-Hart Supplement by Max Galvin (Britain)
  • Commentary
  • Smoking in the Third World by Andy Barganski (Poland)
  • The Great Illusion by Simone Musco (Italy)
  • Rory's Ramblings An Occasional Column from the Antipodes by Rory Gordon (Australia)
  • Stats Corner
  • ATLAS TEAM F1 STATISTICS Contributor: Rory Gordon (Australia)
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  • Atlas Team F1 Image Archive
  • Formula 1 - 1995 Season by Eric Bricier (France)

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