As of November 2, 1995

Atlas Team F1 has compiled a list of the following bookmarks for use with the Netscape 1.2 "import" bookmark feature. If you would like to include the following sites in your personal bookmark list (in their own folder), click the following link. You will be presented with a similar page as this one. In your Netscape 1.2 browser, go into your "file" menu and select "save as." Select an appropriate directory and click "ok." Afterward, select "view bookmarks" under the "bookmarks" menu. In the "Netscape Bookmarks" window, select "import" under the "file" menu. Select the Internet Formula One Providers bookmark file (f1-10-95.htm) and select "ok." A new folder with the following sites will be created.

Download the Internet Formula One Providers bookmark file here: f1-11-95.htm (As of November 2, 1995)

  • Adelaide Grand Prix by Jeff Morgan
  • Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Italia from AUTODROMO NAZIONALE MONZA - ACI MILANO by Fabbi Studio
  • candelaMotorsport from Trevor Long
  • David Coulthard Home Page (Unofficial) from Morris R. Maciver
  • F1 Page from Benjamim Junior
  • F1 Racing Information from Jonathan Swaby
  • FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP from The Racer Archive by Jay A. Carina
  • Formel 1 - 1995 - Also in English from Andre Geissler
  • Formula One Grand Prix Page from Stephen M. Baines
  • GALE FORCE - F1 from Gale Force of Monaco by webster@monaco.mc
  • Grand Prix Circuit Maps from David Reimer
  • Internet Formula One Pick Six (F1P6) from Paul Winalski and Tom Haapanen
  • ISSUE'S Formula One Home Page from ISSUE Holland by michel.r@issue.nl
  • Jesper's F1 Home Page from Jesper Skriver
  • Jocke's Formula 1 Page from Jocke Selin
  • Jussi's Motor Racing Index from Jussi Sääski
  • McLaren International from TAG/McLaren Marketing Services Limited by webmaster@mclaren.ccmail.compuserve.com
  • MILDSEVEN F1 TEAM WWW Server from Japan Tobacco Inc. by MILDSEVEN_F1@jtnet.ad.jp
  • THE MONACO GRAND PRIX from Gale Force of Monaco by webster@monaco.mc
  • Motorsport Information from Darren Galpin
  • Motorsport News International from Tom Haapanen
  • Nokia-Tyrrell-Yamaha Team Homepage from Nokia by webmaster@nokia.com
  • Pacific Grand Prix Limited from Atlas Team F1 & Gale Force F1
  • The Paddock Pass - unique Formula 1 memorabilia from Vincent Tong
  • Paul-Henri Cahier's MotorSite from Louis-David Mitterrand
  • RA's F1 Home Page from Robin Adams
  • Race Calendar from The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
  • Racing Index from Yahoo
  • The Racing Times from Baz Barrow
  • SKY Formula One World from Kin-yip SIT
  • Speedy's Automotive and Racing Lust Page from Matthew Ian Loew
  • Total Jordan Peugeot Home Page from David S. Byrne
  • Tracks Around The World from Darren Galpin
  • Villeneuve - A Racing Legend from Allan de la Plante
  • Jacques Villeneuve : The Unofficial Home Page from Jean-Francois Dupont-Viel
  • Jacques Villeneuve Fan Page from Marc St-Louis
  • YELLKY's FIA Formula 1 WWW Page from Grzegorz "Yellky" Labe

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