Dudot to Prost; A son for Verstappen
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Tuesday September 30, 1997

Bernard Dudot, currently the technical director at Renault, will go to Prost Grand Prix next season. Dudot will be in charge of all development work but Loic Bigois will be designing the 1998 Alain Prost 01.

Reports say that Renault, who will leave Formula One at the end of this season, are planning a comeback into Formula One in 2000 or 2002. They may be developing a new engine, a V8, which will be air-cooled. Specialists say this engine can not be very powerful unless something special is done. The advantage is that it doesn't need radiators. The last air-cooled engine was a Honda in 1968.

A son for Verstappen

Jos Verstappen's wife Sophie gave birth to a baby boy today at 13.20 CET. Their son will be called Max Emiliane Verstappen.

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