-June 2nd, 1999- The Journal of Formula One Motorsport -Vol. 5, No. 22-

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Qualifying Differentials
by Marcel Borsboom 

Measuring teammates against eachother

Bookworm Critique
by Mark Glendenning 

Reviewing books about Formula One

Rear View Mirror
by Don Capps 

Backward glances at racing history

The Grapevine
by The F1 Rumors Team 

Rumours and speculations in the F1 world


The Spanish GP Review
by Michele Lupini 

Ok, so the Spanish Grand Prix was somewhat boring, we know. But boring or not, the race at Catalunya might prove vital for this year's championship race. Michele Lupini provides a full recap and analysis of the weekend's event

Reflections from Catalunya
by Roger Horton 

Bernie Ecclestone made a further step towards the floatation of F1, just when almost everyone around is lashing out at the sport. Roger Horton reflects on the winds of change, blowing from Barcelona

Back to the Future
Atlas F1 Special Project 

News that the venues of the British and French GP will change in less than three years may provide some clues as to the direction F1 is taking into the 21st century. Enthusiasts hope that resurrecting some of the older, classic, circuits will also bring back the great racing of the past; a time-travel, 'back to the future', for F1. That in mind, we set out to explore the implications of the Brands Hatch \ Paul Ricard deals.

  • in 'Reflections on a Monopoly', Roger Horton analyses the maneuvers that lead to this move;
  • in 'The Brands & Paul Ricard FAQ', Mark Alan Jones and Ewan Tytler discuss the possibilities Brands Hatch and Paul Ricard offer F1 racing;
  • and in 'The Nostalgia Column', Marcel Schot and Don Capps look back at the history of the two tracks.

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