-April 8th, 1998- The Journal of Formula One Motorsport -Vol. 4, No. 3a-

  Argentine Preview Issue   News
Grand Prix of Argentina Preview
ATLAS F1 Newscurrent information
by Max Galvin  
GP Timing  by Gale Force F1
  Weather Forcast for Buenos Aries   Argentine GP Odds by Alpenland
FridayHigh 68F/20C Low 51F/11C
Häkkinen1.75 Coulthard2.50
Partly cloudy skies. Possible rain. 
M Schumacher5.00 Frentzen7.00
SaturdayHigh 79F/26C Low 67F/19C
Villeneuve8.00 Fisichella12.00
Cloudy with possible showers.  
Wurz12.00 Irvine15.00
SundayHigh 78F/26C Low 67F/19C
Hill33.00 Herbert40.00
Partly cloudy skies. Possible rain.  
R Schumacher40.00 Panis50.00

  Interlagos Articles   News
Grand Prix of Brazil Review ATLAS F1 News
by Max Galvin   by Michael Viveen  
The Formula One Insider
by Mitch McCann     Stats
Qualifying Differentials
  Rory's Ramblings Australian GP Edition  
Walking the Circuits
by Rory Gordon     Binaries & Bits
The Matthias Schneider Photo Gallery
  Commentary Betting your Nuts
That's Entertainment Speedvision 1998 FAQ
by Chris Balfe   ATLAS F1 Index and Search
Unstoppable? ATLAS F1 Awards and Mentions
by Jan Nottmeier   Argentine Review: April 15th
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  One year ago this week in Formula One
Gerhard Berger's wife Ana gave birth to a baby girl named Heidi.
Ayrton Senna's 'black box' data recorder was scrutinised during the Senna Trial in Italy.
Tyrrell develops the new X-Wing aerodynamic feature which avoids the FIA "centerwing" ban.

 Paul Kaizar, Editor & Publisher (USA)Rory Gordon, Managing Editor (Australia)
 Mike Viveen, News Editor (Netherlands)Max Galvin, Contributing Editor (England)
 Mitch McCann, Contributing Editor (USA)

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