ATLAS TEAM F1 is a group of Formula One enthusiasts with specialized individual talents, but all dedicated to a single cause, production of the premier on-line magazine devoted to "the art of motor racing"--The Journal of Formula One Motorsport. The principals involved are skilled in information technologies, data analyses, and writing. Articles that appear on the World Wide Web following each grand prix include opinions and appraisals of all facets of the sport, including the races themselves, qualifying sessions, drivers, teams, the season to date and as a whole, tracks, cars, innovations, organization, and business. Reports and rumors are downplayed in favor of focusing on critical and insightful assessments. Analyses are preferred over description and suspicion. Opinions are proffered freely, but only with substantiation. Readers are encouraged to reply to articles, and to submit contributions of their own. These are then reviewed by the team and either rejected or accepted. Those accepted often go through a rigorous copyediting process in order to meet the highest standards.

Atlas Team F1 is totally autonomous. It is served by a provider in the Principality of Monaco and is associated with Gale Force. However, it owes allegiance to no one or no other group or organization. It is not responsible for the data, analyses, or opinions of the writers.

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Paul Kaizar
Bill Doolittle (USA, Europe) Rory Gordon (Europe, Australasia)
Michael Viveen (Netherlands)
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Paul Rushworth (New Zealand) Toby Waller (UK)