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Brawn Criticises Mosley's 'Cheat' Claims

Friday April 21st, 2000

Ferrari's technical director, Ross Brawn, criticised the claims made by FIA's president, Max Mosley, who revealed two weeks ago that one of the Formula One teams who participated in the 1999 WC season was in fact using illegal 'driver aids' software.

Speaking ahead of the British Grand Prix, Brawn said: "I know that the FIA have their reasons for not revealing the guilty team, but I think they are using it as a way of justifying the technical changes they have recently made.

"Unfortunately, the cheating claim hangs over all our heads. I know that it is not us and McLaren's Adrian Newey knows that it is not his team. But it has cast a shadow over everyone."

Nevertheless, Brawn said the changes in technical regulations make no difference to the Ferrari performance. "I don't think the changes will cause a major problem because what has been done is not a huge difference. We have still got a quick car," he said.

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