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Button Busy in Britain

Thursday April 20th, 2000

With only three days remaining until his first home race at Silverstone, Jenson Button has been busy appearing here, there and just about everywhere.

Starting in Leicester Square, London, Button was at the launch of the BMW WilliamsF1 Team clothing range before unveiling his new logo and helmet design, which incorporates his initials 'JB' into the familiar Union Jack emblem on the side of his helmet.

Button was soon on the move, for interviews with various television stations including Britain's Sky Sports, ITV, ITN and Channel 4.

A busy day finished with an interview on a sports chat show alongside ITV's Formula 1 commentator, Murray Walker.

Button answered a range of questions from the host of the show relating to his dramatic rise to Formula One. Button gave the audience a glimpse of his sense of humour when he was asked whose pictures were on his bedroom wall.

"What, you mean racing drivers? (pause for laughter) I think that I had Ayrton Senna on my wall. He was a hero for me."

Asked about his current day rivals, Button believes he knows who is the best.

"It has to be Michael Schumacher. Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to race him too much yet and have only seen him coming up in my wing mirrors to lap me! But hopefully we will have some close encounters in the future."

When asked of the chances of him being the next British world champion, Button was realistic.

"Obviously, it's far too early to predict something like that. It's obviously a goal, but at the moment, I am still learning from the team and, of course, learning most of the circuits. My current aim is to gain as much experience as possible and to finish races. The more track time I get, the greater the learning process."

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