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Anderson Happy with Limiter Reprieve

Tuesday April 18th, 2000

Jaguar Racing’s technical director has welcomed the FIA’s decision to allow teams to continue to use pitlane speed limiters. Speaking exclusively to, Gary Anderson said: "I think the final decision – where the pit limiter still actually functions between 50km/h and 80km/h – is the right one."

After initially banning all forms of speed limiters, the FIA has introduced a compromise solution that allows speed sensors to operate only on the front wheels. "The changes have been extensive and expensive," said Anderson. "But we've got everything done now and we're reasonably happy that everything functions. I suppose we weren't down the path as far as other people, so it wasn't so difficult for us, but it's still been hard work."

The FIA’s decision to relax its ruling came after protests from teams and drivers, who claimed this would result in races being spoilt by stop/go penalties for speeding and incidents in the pits due to drivers concentrating too much on their speed. The new limiters only operate between specific speeds and, once the limiter is activated the rear light must come on and the fuel flap open. This should prevent teams from use the device outside of the pitlane.

ITV commentator Martin Brundle is in favour of the new solution, but thinks the FIA should go further. "I agree with the decision to force teams to remove many of their electronic gizmos," Martin told The Express newspaper. "But I firmly believe that we should step back in time and make drivers change gears with a lever rather than flick a paddle on the steering wheel. Changing gear, applying the throttle and turning the steering wheel are fundamentals of driving."

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