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McLaren's Reaction to the FIA's Decision

Tuesday April 4th, 2000

Following the decision of the FIA's Appeal court to uphold McLaren's disqualification, the team released the following statement:

The West McLaren Mercedes team is disappointed with the decision of the FIA Court of Appeal to refuse the team's appeal against the ruling of the Stewards of the Brazilian Grand Prix, which disqualified second placed David Coulthard from the results.

David Coulthard's West McLaren Mercedes MP4-15 started the Brazilian Grand Prix in fully legal trim. However, due to the nature of the circuit and the harshness of the bumps, substantial damage was encountered to the underside of the car and the front wing end plate moved on its axis. These factors resulted in the distance between the reference plane and the lowest part on the front wing end plate being two millimetres less than is permissible.

The measurements taken at the end of the race represented a minor discrepancy, the causes of which were beyond the team's control.

"Naturally we are disappointed with the final outcome of this appeal but we will not allow this to obscure our focus on the World Championship and the start of the European season at the San Marino Grand Prix later this week," said Martin Whitmarsh, Managing Director, McLaren International.

"Obviously today's result isn't what I had hoped for, but it's Imola this weekend and I'm looking forward to getting into the rhythm at one of my favourite tracks and that is what I'm now concentrating on," said David Coulthard.

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