Atlas F1

The Atlas F1 Quiz

by Marcel Schot, Netherlands, & Cecil King, Canada

Atlas F1 brings you another challenging quiz for Formula One wizards; how well do you really know your sport? Simply choose one answer for each of the following questions, and press "Submit" to get the results. Have fun!

1. Which driver has driven the most Grands Prix without ever leading one?

Andrea de Cesaris
Martin Brundle
Jacques Laffite

  2. In the late 70's, Brabham presented a car with a large fan behind it, the so-called fan-car. What was the car's only race?

Sweden 1978
Brazil 1979
France 1977

3. Who was the first driver to score a fastest lap for Jordan?

Bertrand Gachot
Andrea de Cesaris
Giancarlo Fisichella

4. Who was the first non-Alfa Romeo driver to win a World Championship Grand Prix (excluding the Indianapolis 500 races)?

Alberto Ascari
Jose Froilan Gonzalez
Juan Manual Fangio

5. When was the last year that turbo charged engines were allowed?


  6. Which driver lead the Spanish Grand Prix in a Peugeot powered car?

Giancarlo Fisichella
Rubens Barrichello
Mika Hakkinen

7. In what year did the six-wheeled Tyrrell P34 make its Grand Prix debut?


  8. Who was the only driver that was not able to beat his teammate in qualifying last season?

Ricardo Rosset
Jan Magnussen
Eddie Irvine

9. Which team took the most Grand Prix wins since the re-entry of the 3 litre engines in 1995?


  10. Besides Michael Schumacher, who are the only two Germans to achieve pole position in Formula One?

Heinz-Harald Frentzen & Jochen Mass
Jochen Mass & Wolfgang von Trips
Wolfgang von Trips & Heinz-Harald Frentzen

11. On which circuit is the Adelaide corner located?

Magny Cours

  12. How many of this year's Formula One drivers have won at least one World Championship?


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