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A Lap of Monaco

Monte Carlo Grand Prix Circuit, Monaco

The cars cross the finish line flat out, reaching around 270 kmph before braking hard for the second gear Sainte Devote corner. Whilst the entry is tight, there is plenty of run off if things go wrong and things usually do in the first lap of the race. After this, it is hard back on the power in the run up the hill (Beau Rivage) reaching around 260 kmph before the drivers have to stand on the anchors to slow for the 125 kmph Massenet, which in turn leads into the 115 kmph Casino corner and the start of the downhill section of the circuit.

Hard on the power, avoiding the bump on the road on the exit of Casino, touching 210 kmph and fourth gear before slowing for Mirabeau. From here there is a short spurt up to one of the two first gear corners at the track - the famous Loews hairpin. Even though this is not a hard corner, many drivers have been punted off by over-enthusiastic colleagues. The next corner is Portier which is treated by many drivers as a double-apex corner rather than a pair of corners as it really is. Portier also ends the downhill section of the track and the start of the most famous part - the tunnel section.

At the exit of the corner, the cars will reach in the region of 270 kmph, slowing to 55 kmph for the Nouvelle Chicane. Out of the chicane it is hard on the power for the fourth gear left-hand Tabac and the swimming pool section. The exit of the swimming pool is taken at around 100 kmph, and the drivers are allowed another quick spurt through a short sweeping left hander, before arrival in the first gear Rascasse corner. Once through this corner safely there is only the second gear Antony Hughes corner before the start-finish straight starts.

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