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1999 SuperStats

Post-German & Austrian GP Edition. Compilation by Rory Gordon, Australia

The Superstats is an on-going project that attempts to classify various performances throughout an F1 season by, generally, averaging each race's performance, in several categories, over the entire season.

Conceived as the SuperGrid by the late John Taylor for Autocourse, I started my own compilations when Taylor died. Originally, the SuperStats - as the project was to become - was developed purely for my own interest. This has not changed, and the day I get bored with the SuperStats, they will stop.

All figures used in the SuperStats are based on the official FIA timing sheets and, where necessary, those sheets are deemed to be the final authority.

The SuperStats always tries every year to present new and interesting figures about F1... and each year it gets harder to find something new and interesting to present figures about.

Already this year, there have been some figures on the comparative performances of the various nationalities driving in F1 - something which provoked some debate.

In this edition, another new - and VERY interesting - set of figures: pit stops.

Given two roughly equal cars and drivers, today's F1 races often seem to be resolved by the pit stops, to which there are two main contributing factors: the strategy and the speed.

The strategy can not be quantified. Intuition, guile, and planning - among others - all play their role, sometimes on the spur of the moment.

However, the speed of the stop can be quantified.

The official pit times are not the same as those shown on TV. The official times are, it is believed, taken from the time the car enters the 80 kmph zone to when it leaves that zone (in\out times). So, the driver and the pit crew play their parts.

It seems to be a commonly held belief that the current "masters" of stops are Michael Schumacher and the Ferrari crew. However, the figures that follow dispel that belief - to the compiler's initial disbelief.

There is a rather large proviso attached to these figures: that is that they are taken over the season as a whole so far. There have been races when a driver has not made a stop for one reason or another. Indeed, there are now only two drivers (Heinz-Harald Frentzen, and Eddie Irvine) who have made at least one stop at every race.


The figures in the table show for each driver, up to the German GP, the total number of pit stops he has made, the average stops he has made in each race, the total time he has been in the pits, and the average time taken for each of his pit stops (on which the table is sorted).

Note that Mika Salo appears three times in this table: once each for his stints with BAR and Ferrari, and once for his overall times (denoted by "TOT" in the "Team" column).

The second table shows the total number of stops by each team, the team's total pit time, and the average time for each of their stops (on which the table is sorted).

Up to and including the German GP, there had been a total of 263 stops for a total of 2 hours, 20 minutes and 2.431 seconds (an average of 31.823 seconds for each stop).

Driver          Team   Total   Avg. Stops   Total Pit   Average 
                       Stops   Per Race     Time        Time    
-------------   ----   -----   ----------   ---------   --------
Frentzen        JOR    11      1.100        4:59.410    0:27.219
Trulli          PRO    12      1.714        5:31.467    0:27.622
Schumacher, R   WIL    12      1.333        5:31.739    0:27.645
Salo            BAR     3      1.500        1:23.104    0:27.701
Coulthard       MCL    13      1.857        6:08.032    0:28.310
Fisichella      BEN    13      1.444        6:14.825    0:28.833
Schumacher, M   FER    11      1.833        5:17.962    0:28.906
Salo            TOT     6      1.500        2:55.587    0:29.265
Zanardi         WIL    10      1.429        4:55.947    0:29.595
Panis           PRO    15      1.875        7:25.448    0:29.697
Irvine          FER    15      1.500        7:26.435    0:29.762
De La Rosa      ARR    10      1.667        4:58.250    0:29.825
Wurz            BEN    11      1.375        5:31.259    0:30.114
Alesi           SAU    15      1.875        7:32.273    0:30.152
Badoer          MIN    15      1.875        7:40.856    0:30.724
Villeneuve      BAR     5      1.250        2:34.099    0:30.820
Salo            FER     3      1.500        1:32.483    0:30.828
Zonta           BAR    10      2.000        5:12.356    0:31.236
Gene            MIN    11      1.375        5:43.957    0:31.269
Hill            JOR     8      1.600        4:15.405    0:31.926
Takagi          ARR    11      1.571        6:10.806    0:33.710
Hakkinen        MCL    13      1.444        7:21.155    0:33.935
Barrichello     STE    16      1.778        9:51.537    0:36.971
Diniz           SAU    10      1.667        7:13.255    0:43.326
Herbert         STE    10      1.667        9:30.371    0:57.037

TEAMS            Total     Total Pit     Average 
                 Stops     Time          Stop    
-------          -----     ---------     --------
Williams         22        10:27.686     0:28.531
Prost            27        12:56.915     0:28.775
Jordan           19         9:14.815     0:29.201
Benetton         24        11:46.084     0:29.420
Ferrari          29        14:16.880     0:29.548
BAR              18         9:09.559     0:30.531
Minardi          26        13:24.813     0:30.954
McLaren          26        13:29.187     0:31.123
Arrows           21        11:09.056     0:31.860
Sauber           25        14:45.528     0:35.421
Stewart          26        19:21.908     0:44.689

The raw data are copyright © 1999 F?d?ration de l'Automobile (2 Chemin Blandonnet, 1215 Geneva 15, Switzerland). These compilations are copyright © 1999 Rory Gordon. Reproduction in any form of these compilations is forbidden without the express permission of the compiler.

The data are subject to revision. The compiler will not be held responsible for any errors or omissions.

For any comments, please contact the compiler.

Rory Gordon
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