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The Atlas F1 Quiz

by Marcel Schot, Netherlands

Atlas F1 brings you another challenging quiz for Formula One wizards; how well do you really know your sport? Simply choose one answer for each of the following questions, and press "Submit" to get the results. Have fun!

1. Which two World Champions hold the record for fewest Grand Prix wins in their career?

Phil Hill & Mike Hawthorn
Giuseppe Farina & Phil Hill
Mike Hawthorn & Giuseppe Farina

  2. Who was the only driver from Thailand to ever drive in Formula One?

Prince Bira
Johnny Cecotto
Asdrubal Bayardo

3. With which two drivers did Sauber start its first season in 1993?

H.H. Frentzen & Karl Wendlinger
Andrea de Cesaris & H.H. Frentzen
Karl Wendlinger & JJ Lehto

4. Where and when did Mugen-Honda score its first Grand Prix win?

Belgium 1998
England 1997
Monaco 1996

5. Whose helmet design has been the main inspiration for Pedro Diniz' design?

Ayrton Senna
Emerson Fittipaldi
Carlos Pace

  6. Which team was the first to carry sponsorship in Formula One?


7. Who is Syd Watkins?

The first American Grand Prix winner
The chief medical officer of F1
The designer of the McLaren MP4-4

  8. Which former Formula One driver is nicknamed 'The pampas bull'?

Onofre Marimon
Juan Manual Fangio
Jose Froilan Gonzales

9. How many driver-changes took place during the 1998 season?


  10. Who scored the most recent podium finish for Arrows?

Gianni Morbidelli
Damon Hill
Michele Alboreto

11. How many seasons did Graham Hill compete in Formula One?


  12. What is the location of the Ain Diab track, which hosted a Grand Prix in 1958?

Saudi Arabia

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