The Atlas F1 Quiz

Atlas F1

The Atlas F1 Quiz

by Marcel Schot & Marcel Borsboom, Netherlands

So you think you know Formula One well? Then why not put it to the test? Find out how well you really know your sport. Simply choose one answer for each of the following questions, and press "Submit" to get the results. Have fun!

1. Who was the last American to win a F1 race while not driving for Lotus?

Mario Andretti
Pete Revson
Richie Ginther

  2. With Marc Gene and Pedro dela Rosa, two Spaniards enter into F1 this year. Who was the last Spanish driver in F1 before them?

Luis-Perez Sala
Adrian Campos
Pedro Lamy

3. Who was the only Japanese driver to ever finish on the podium?

Satoru Nakajima
Ukyo Katayama
Aguri Suzuki

4. At which Grand Prix did Ayrton Senna lead an F1 race for the first time?

Portugal 1985
Portugal 1986
Monaco 1985

5. Who was the last driver to get on the podium because someone else was disqualified?

Johnny Herbert
Heinz-Harald Frentzen
Mika Hakkinen

  6. Who was the last Grand Prix winner on other tyres than Goodyear, before the 1998 Australian Grand Prix?

Gerhard Berger in Mexico 1986
Alain Prost in France 1990
Nelson Piquet in Canada 1991

7. Carlos Reutemann holds the record for scoring points in the most consecutive races. How many races?


  8. Belgium had some fairly succesful drivers in Formula One. Who was the last Belgian to race Formula One?

Jackie Ickx
Phillipe Adams
Thierry Boutsen

9. Apart from the very first race in 1950, only one team won their first ever race. Which team?


  10. Which team has the most Grand Prix wins?


11. The Italian Grands Prix was always held at Monza except for one time. Where and when was this?

Imola, 1980
Mugello, 1974
Monsanto, 1957

  12. Who was the only driver to be disqualified from at least one race in three consecutive years?

Michael Schumacher
Nigel Mansell
Ayrton Senna

Marcel Schot & Marcel Borsboom 1999 Atlas Formula One Journal.
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The Atlas F1 Quiz script was prepared by Paul Ryder