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  by Mark Alan Jones, Australia

Have a question about Formula One statistics or history? Well you're not the only one, and it's about time someone came up with the answers to Formula One's most Frequently Asked Questions. Send us your questions, to - we may not know everything, but we will sure make the effort to find out

"I heard that Giancarlo Fisichella had a fastest lap of the race last year. Which course was it and what was the time? Thanks, Patrick H, Australia"

Giancarlo Fisichella did indeed record a fastest lap, but it wasn't last year. It was the 1997 Spanish Grand Prix at Barcelona Circuit where Fisichella in the Jordan 197 Peugeot recorded a lap time of 1:22.242 with an average lap time of 206.96 kmph.

"Why did they do away with awarding points for pole position and fastest race lap? Thanks. Warren D. Ocoee, Florida, United States"

Pole Position has never been worth a point in Formula One. Fastest lap has, however, but with timing in the 50's done only to the tenth of a second, it was only a matter of time before circumstance overtook technology. The 1954 British Grand Prix fastest lap was shared by seven drivers, Alberto Ascari (Maserati), Jean Behra (Gordini), Juan Manuel Fangio (Mercedes), Froilan Gonzalez (Ferrari), Mike Hawthorn (Ferrari), Onofre Marimon (Maserati) and Stirling Moss (Maserati). They each shared that point and took 0.14 points each. Silly, huh? After a couple more point-sharing exercises it was decided that finishing 6th in the larger fields of the 60's had more merit than the fastest lap.

"Hello. What about Montoya? Is he contracted with any F1 team for the future or will the keep racing in the CART series? He is obviously a man for F1. Regards Goran L. Sweden"

Juan Pablo Montoya, the current star of the Champ Car World Series, has a development contract with Williams. If he comes over to Formula One it's either with Williams, or he has to get Williams' consent to race for another Formula One team. He wants to come to Formula One obviously. When and with who is in the laps of the gods.

"I want to know if Frank Williams is in a weal chair? Thong H. Clayton, Australia"

Sir Francis Williams was and still is a racer, most people in the pit lane associated with Formula One are ex-drivers of some kind, from multiple world champions Alain Prost, Niki Lauda and Jackie Stewart, to those who got to Formula One but didn't get the race wins, like Jackie Oliver and Guy Ligier, to drivers who raced in lower Formulae, like Max Mosley, Eddie Jordan, Tom Walkinshaw and Frank Williams. Williams switched into a team management role in 1969, running a Brabham BT26A Cosworth for Piers Courage under the banner of Frank Williams Racing. In 1977 Williams joined with Walter Wolf to produce the Wolf WR1 but split fairly quickly. In 1979 the team got its first win, in 1980 their first championship. By 1986 the were a force to be reckoned.

Williams, quite a marathoner, was driving from Paul Ricard circuit, in 1986, on the way to the airport, went for a corner and crashed. Since then Williams has been confined to his wheel chair. He can, however, in recent years, stand with the aid of special supporting crutches and even move a step of two, but not more than that.

"Hi. Do you think you could send a line up of the 1988 season with the drivers, teams, and engines? It's the only season back to 1987 I can't find a line up for. thank you, Andrew, Canada"

1988 was that season where McLaren broke so many records for dominance of a season, where McLaren went into the season with only Ferrari as effective opposition. The teams of 1988? Here they are....

Camel Team Lotus Honda
Lotus 100T Honda V6 Turbo
#1 Nelson Piquet (BRA)
#2 Satoru Nakajima (JPN)

Tyrrell Racing Organisation
Tyrrell 017 Ford-Cosworth V8
#3 Jonathan Palmer (GBR)
#4 Julian Bailey (GBR)

Canon Williams Team
Williams FW12 Judd V8
#5 Nigel Mansell (GBR)
#5 Jean-Louis Schlesser (FRA)
#6 Riccardo Patrese (ITA)

West Zakspeed Racing
Zakspeed 881 Zakspeed 4 Turbo
#9 Piercarlo Ghinzani (ITA)
#10 Bernd Schneider (GER)

Honda Marlboro McLaren
McLaren MP4/4 Honda V6 Turbo
#11 Alain Prost (FRA)
#12 Ayrton Senna (BRA)

Automobiles Gonfaronaise Sportive
AGS JH23 Ford-Cosworth V8
#14 Phillippe Streiff (FRA)

Leyton House March Racing Team
March 881 Judd V8
#15 Mauricio Gugelmin (BRA)
#16 Ivan Capelli (ITA)

USF&G Arrows Megatron
Arrows A10B Megatron-BMW 4 Turbo
#17 Derek Warwick (GBR)
#18 Eddie Cheever (USA)

Benetton Formula
Benetton B188 Ford-Cosworth V8
#19 Alessandro Nannini (ITA)
#20 Thierry Boutsen (BEL)

Osella Squadra Corse
Osella FA1L Alfa Romeo V8 Turbo
#21 Nicola Larini (ITA)

Rial Racing
Rial ARC1 Ford-Cosworth V8
#22 Andrea de Cesaris (ITA)

Lois Minardi Team
Minardi M188 Ford-Cosworth V8
#23 Adrian Campos (ESP)
#23 Pierluigi Martini (ITA)
#24 Luis Perez Sala (ESP)

Ligier Loto
Ligier JS31 Judd V8
#25 Rene Arnoux (FRA)
#26 Stefan Johansson (SWE)

Scuderia Ferrari
Ferrari F187/88C Ferrari V6 Turbo
#27 Michele Alboreto (ITA)
#28 Gerhard Berger (AUT)

Larrousse Calmels
Lola LC88 Ford-Cosworth V8
#29 Yannick Dalmas (FRA)
#29 Aguri Suzuki (JPN)
#29 Pierre-Henri Raphanel (FRA)
#30 Phillippe Alliot (FRA)

Coloni FC188 Ford-Cosworth V8
#31 Gabriele Tarquini (ITA)

EuroBrun Racing
EuroBrun ER188 Ford-Cosworth V8
#32 Oscar Larrauri (ARG)
#33 Stefano Modena (ITA)

Scuderia Italia
Dallara 188 Ford-Cosworth V8
#36 Alex Caffi (ITA)

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