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1999 SuperStats

Post-French GP Edition. Compilation by Rory Gordon, Australia

The Superstats is an on-going project that attempts to classify various performances throughout an F1 season by, generally, averaging each race's performance, in several categories, over the entire season.

Conceived as the SuperGrid by the late John Taylor for Autocourse, I started my own compilations when Taylor died. Originally, the SuperStats - as the project was to become - was developed purely for my own interest. This has not changed, and the day I get bored with the SuperStats, they will stop.

All figures used in the SuperStats are based on the official FIA timing sheets and, where necessary, those sheets are deemed to be the final authority.

Time for some real trivial statistics, perhaps. A wise man once said, "Statistics teach us nothing, except that statistics teach us nothing."

Sometimes it is a mystery as to what exactly what any of the SuperStats teach us. And this set of tables seem to serve no more than curiosity value. However, the curious can often be fascinating. The reader is left to draw their own conclusions and interpretations as the compiler is not sure which of his conclusions and interpretations actually demonstrate anything.


These two tables show figures specific to the races held so far this season.

The first table shows the average for each race of each driver's grid time for that race; the average racing time for each driver; and, the total racing time for all drivers in that race.

Grand Prix      Average        Average          Total            
                Grid Time      Race Time        Race Time        
----------      ---------      -----------      ------------     
Australia       1:33.206       0:59:58.255      20:59:23.358     
Brazil          1:18.556       1:07:30.277      23:37:35.813     
San Marino      1:28.220       1:05:56.308      24:10:38.767     
Monaco          1:22.276       1:13:06.832      26:48:30.308     
Spain           1:23.452       1:15:00.357      27:30:07.856     
Canada          1:20.930       1:04:53.946      23:47:46.812     
France          1:43.362       1:20:26.308      29:29:38.766     
The second table shows the average number of completed laps for each race; the total number of racing laps completed;and, the average of the driver's best race lap.

Grand Prix      Avg.      Total      Average                     
                Laps      Laps       Best Lap                    
----------      ----      -----      ---------                   
Australia       35         740       1:34.733                    
Brazil          49        1023       1:20.176                    
San Marino      42         934       1:30.874                    
Monaco          51        1122       1:24.294                    
Spain           51        1114       1:26.764                    
Canada          44         957       1:24.348                    
France          49        1078       1:21.566                    


As stated often in the past, I have many reservations about the methods behind the compilation of figures on the teams, but have yet to arrive at a suitable, easy and simple method.

That said, I am still fascinated by data on the teams and, obviously, still compile it.

The figures in this table show the average grid position of each team's drivers; their average finishing position; their total number of racing laps completed; total laps led; and kilometres led.

Team           Avg.       Avg.        Total      Laps     Kms    
               Grid       Finish      Laps       Led      Led    
---------      -----      ------      -----      ----     -------
Arrows         19.43      13.29       665                        
BAR            13.86      12.73       474                        
Benetton       10.86      10.29       672                        
Ferrari         4.64       5.00       892        196      830.027
Jordan          9.21      11.21       607          7       29.750
McLaren         2.93       8.71       670        205      952.457
Minardi        20.38      13.95       600                        
Prost          11.86      12.86       605                        
Sauber         12.29      14.43       471                        
Stewart         8.00      12.71       599         67      285.716
Williams       12.86      10.00       713                        

The raw data are copyright © 1999 F?d?ration de l'Automobile (2 Chemin Blandonnet, 1215 Geneva 15, Switzerland). These compilations are copyright © 1999 Rory Gordon. Reproduction in any form of these compilations is forbidden without the express permission of the compiler.

The data are subject to revision. The compiler will not be held responsible for any errors or omissions.

For any comments, please contact the compiler.

Rory Gordon
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