Atlas F1

The Atlas F1 Quiz

by Marcel Schot & Don Capps, Netherlands/USA

Atlas F1 brings you another challenging quiz for Formula One wizards; how well do you really know your sport? Simply choose one answer for each of the following questions, and press "Submit" to get the results. Have fun!

1. Where and when did Damon Hill score his last Pole Position to date?

Portugal 1996
Hungary 1997
Japan 1996

  2. How many times has the Drivers' Championship been decided by one point or less?

4 times
7 times
5 times

3. For what team did Roland Ratzenberger drive when he fatally crashed?


4. Before Schumacher and Irvine replaced Alesi and Berger in 1996, when was the last time Ferrari changed both drivers at the start of a season?


5. When did Bridgestone score its first point?

Australia 1997
Japan 1977
Brazil 1997

  6. Where and when did the legendary BRM team score its final victory?

Austria 1971
Monaco 1972
Monza 1974

7. In his long career, Niki Lauda only once failed to qualify. At which Grand Prix did this happen?

Canada 1979
Spain 1977
Monaco 1983

  8. What was the last team to score in its debut Grand Prix before BAR in Australia?


9. After last year's massive first lap pile-up at Spa, four driver were left without a spare car. Who were they?

Barrichello, Trulli, Diniz and Rosset
Barrichello, Herbert, Salo and Nakano
Barrichello, Panis, Salo and Rosset

  10. Who was the first driver to score more total championship points than anyone during a season but lose the WDC to someone who scored fewer total points?

Alain Prost
Stirling Moss
Graham Hill

11. Which team became Benetton in 1986?


  12. Where and when did Eddie Irvine score his best grid position to date?

Luxembourg 1998
Japan 1997
Australia 1999

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