The Atlas F1 Quiz

Atlas F1

The Atlas F1 Quiz

by Marcel Schot & Marcel Borsboom, Netherlands

So, do you still know Formula One well? Then why not put it to the test again? Find out how well you really know your sport. Simply choose one answer for each of the following questions, and press "Submit" to get the results. Have fun!

1. Which two drivers drove the most races as teammates?

Jean Alesi & Gerhard Berger
Ayrton Senna & Alain Prost
Gerhard Berger & Ayrton Senna

  2. How many drivers have won the European Formula 3000 championship and a Formula One race?


3. Which driver won his first Grand Prix after the most races?

Mika Hakkinen
Jean Alesi
Thierry Boutsen

4. Besides Australian Le Mans winner Vern Schuppan, select the only other driver disqualified in two consecutive races.

Michael Schumacher
Stirling Moss
Ayrton Senna

5. The teamname March was made from the first letters of the owners' surnames. One of them also got the first letter of his first name into the name. Who?

Alan Rees
Alfieri Maserati
Mike Hawthorne

  6. Who was the first Finnish Formula One driver?

Keke Rosberg
Mika Hakkinen
Leo Kinnunen

7. Who was the first ever to win with the Williams-Renault combination?

Thierry Boutsen
Nigel Mansell
Nelson Piquet

  8. How many points has Alessandro Zanardi scored in Formula One?


9. Which was the first Formula One race in which a driver was disqualified?

England 1952
France 1953
Argentina 1954

  10. Who was the first to win a Grand Prix on Goodyear tyres?

Richie Ginther
Jo Bonnier
Jim Clark

11. What was the best ever grid position for a Dutch driver and by who?

4th by Jan Lammers
6th by Jos Verstappen
5th by Gijs van Lennep

  12. In Australia, Pedro De La Rosa scored a point in his first Formula One race. Of his fellow competitors in Melbourne, four drivers did the same. Who?

Jacques Villeneuve, Rubens Barrichello, Michael Schumacher, Giancarlo Fisichella
Jacques Villeneuve, Alexander Wurz, Heinz-Harald Frentzen, Damon Hill
Jacques Villeneuve, Eddie Irvine, Johnny Herbert, Jean Alesi

Marcel Schot & Marcel Borsboom 1999 Atlas Formula One Journal.
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The Atlas F1 Quiz script was prepared by Paul Ryder