Atlas Team F1 Grand Prix of Europe Preview

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A LOOK BACK: 1995 European GP
by Paul Rushworth
New Zealand
        European Grand Prix Preview   
by Max Galvin

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Weather for The Nurburgring as of April 28th

    High 16 C, Low 7 C
    75% Chance of rain

    High 17 C, Low 6 C
    Partly cloudy, 20% Chance of rain

    High 25 C, Low 8 C
    Fair and warm

    High 19 C, Low 8 C
    Mostly cloudy, fog, 50% chance of rain

    Intertop Odds for the GP of Europe as of April 28th
Hill, D1.65 Villeneuve, J5.50
Alesi, J6.00 Schumacher, M7.00
Berger, G14.00 Irvine, E20.00
Hakkinen, M25.00 Barrichello, R40.00
Brundle, M50.00 Coulthard66.00
Frentzen, H100.00 Salo, M100.00

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