Atlas Team F1 Grand Prix of Belgium Preview

Atlas Team F1 Grand Prix of Belgium Preview
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Belgian Grand Prix Preview
by Toby Waller

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Weather Forcast for Liege
as of August 23rd
for the Belgian GP as of August 21st
    High 22 C (72 F), Low 13 C (56 F)
    It will be cloudy with periods of rain or showers.

    High 26 C (78 F), Low 17 C (62 F)
    Cloudy with rain and thunderstorms possible.

    High 20 C (68 F), Low 14 C (57 F)
    Mostly cloudy with periods of showers.

    High 22 C (72 F), Low 12 C (54 F)
     Partly cloudy skies with periods of sunshine      

Hill1.80 Villeneuve3.25
Schumacher3.75 Alesi6.00
Berger6.00 Hakkinen16.00
Coulthard16.00 Barrichello33.00
Salo40.00 Frentzen80.00

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