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Tyre Trivia Quiz

  by Marcel Borsboom, Netherlands

Tyres: they're round, made of rubber, and come in fours. What else do you know about them? Well, it's time to find out. Simply answer the 12 questions below, and press submit. Have fun!

1. Who is the last driver to win on slick tyres ?

Mika Hakkinen
Jacques Villeneuve
Michael Schumacher

  2. Prior to 1997 what were the only 2 races Bridgestone competed ?

1976 American and Japanese Grand Prix
1976,1977 Japanese Grand Prix
1977 Canadian and Japanese Grand Prix

3. What was the last time that more than 2 tyre suppliers were in F1?


4. Why was Takagi disqualified from the 1999 French Grand Prix ?

He used a set of tyres from his teammate
He used more that the maximum number of tyres
There were no grooves left on his tyres

5. How many wet tyres are drivers allowed to use in a grand prix weekend ?


  6. Who is the last to win on tyres other than Goodyear or Bridgestone ?

Alain Prost
Nelson Piquet
Ayrton Senna

7. Where did Michelin score its last win in F1 (so far)

Portugal 1983
Spain 1984
Portugal 1984

  8. How deep do grooves need to be on a dry weather tyre ?

2.5 mm
5 mm
7.5 mm

9. Who scored Bridgestone's first points in 1997 ?

Rubens Barrichello
Damon Hill
Olivier Panis

  10. During free practice: is a driver allowed to run on wet tyres if the track is dry ?


11. Which tyre brand has the best start to win ratio ?


  12. How many different wet weather compounds are tyre manufacturers allowed to bring to a grand prix ?


Marcel Borsboom© 2007
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The Atlas F1 Quiz script was prepared by Paul Ryder

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