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Atlas F1   The Australian GP
Trivia Quiz

  by Marcel Borsboom, Netherlands

The first race of the 2001 season is finally here! But, how well do you know Albert Park and the starts of the previous F1 seasons? Well, it's time to find out: simply answer the 12 questions below, and press submit. Have fun!

1. Since 1990, which two drivers won the first race of the year but did not go on to win the WDC that year?

Villeneuve, Irvine
Villeneuve, Coulthard
Coulthard, Irvine

  2. Which two drivers had a streak of three consecutive first-race victories?

Fangio, G. Hill
Fangio, Senna
G. Hill, Senna

3. Which constructor has the most number of first race wins?


4. Which driver had the most variety of car makes with which he won races opening various seasons?

G. Hill

5. What is special about the 1994 Australian Grand Prix?

The race was shortened due to darkness
It was the last time the Grand Prix was held in Adelaide
It was Nigel Mansell's last win

  6. What is special about the 1995 Australian Grand Prix?

It was the last time a V8 powered car finished in the top 3
Panis failed to finish the race but was classified 2nd
It was the last time an Italian stood on the podium

7. When was the last wet weather Australian Grand Prix?


  8. Out of Johnny Herbert's 5 starts in Melbourne, how many times did he fail to complete more than 1 lap?


9. Which corner of Albert Park is this?

Whiteford corner
Albert Road
Prost corner

  10. Which corner of Albert Park is this?

Lauda corner
Jones corner
Brabham corner

11. Which corner of Albert Park is this?

Corner 10
Marina corner
Albert Road

  12. Which corner of Albert Park is this?

Stewart chicane
Clark chicane
Prost chicane

Additional questions provided by David Burden

Marcel Borsboom© 2007
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