Atlas F1 The Spanish GP Quiz

by Marcel Schot, Netherlands

Time to test how well you know the history of the Spanish Grand Prix. Simply choose one answer to each of the following 12 questions, and press "submit" to get the results. Have fun!

1. On which track was the first Spanish Grand Prix held?


  2. Which two drivers finished the 1986 Spanish GP with less than 0.02 seconds between them?

Rosberg and Piquet
Senna and Mansell
Senna and Rosberg

3. Which track is not located in or near Barcelona?

Montjuich Park

4. How many podium finishes has Michael Schumacher scored in the Spanish Grand Prix?


5. Who was the last Spaniard before Gene and de la Rosa to compete in the Spanish GP?

Luis Perez-Sala
Eliseo Salazar
Emilio de Villota

  6. Which team saw both cars retire from the 1969 Spanish GP with collapsed rear wings?


7. Who was initially disqualified from the 1976 Spanish Grand Prix?

Niki Lauda
James Hunt
Riccardo Patrese

  8. Who surprisingly set the fastest race-lap in the 1997 Spanish GP?

Olivier Panis
Jarno Trulli
Giancarlo Fisichella

9. Which famous car made its debut at the 1954 Spanish Grand Prix?

Lancia D50
Mercedes W196
Maserati 250F

  10. Who was disqualified from last year's Spanish Grand Prix?

Damon Hill
Alexander Wurz
Rubens Barrichello

11.In which year did only six drivers reach the finish-line in a rain-soaked race?


  12. Who won the Spanish Grand Prix three times in a row?

Ayrton Senna
Niki Lauda
Jackie Stewart

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The Atlas F1 Quiz script was prepared by Paul Ryder

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