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Atlas F1   The Oliver Panis
Trivia Quiz

  by Marcel Borsboom, Netherlands

With the return to active racing of Frenchman Olivier Panis, it's time to test how well you know the career of talented driver. Simply choose one answer to each of the following 12 questions, and press "submit" to get the results. Have fun!

1. Where and when did Oliver Panis make his debut in Formula One?

Brazil 1994
Pacific 1994
Monaco 1994

  2. For which team was Panis the test driver in 2000?


3. When Panis broke his leg, what was his position in the Drivers' Championship?


4. Panis was involved in the famous crash at the start of the 1998 Belgian GP. Did he make it to the restart?


5. Where and when did Oliver Panis score his first WC points?

Canadian Grand Prix 1994
German Grand Prix 1994
Hungarian Grand Prix 1994

  6. Why was Panis disqualified from the 1994 Portugese GP?

Illegal frontwing
Undersized skidblock
Illegal rearwing

7. From which grid position did Panis win the 1996 Monaco Grand Prix?


  8. For how many teams did Panis drive prior to the 2001 season?


9. Panis started twice from the 3rd place on the grid, one of them is the French Grand Prix of 1998. What was the other occasion?

San Marino 1997
Argentina 1997
Canada 1997

  10. When and where did Panis score his first podium place?

Hockenheim 1994
Australia 1995
Spain 1997

11. Why is it amazing that Panis finished the Australian Grand Prix of 1995?

He was driving sick that day
His engine was smoking heavily for the last 5 laps
His frontwing broke and he didn't have time to pit

  12. Where did Panis make his comeback after he recovered from his broken leg?


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