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Atlas F1   The 2000 Ferrari WC Wallpaper

Much has happened in the year 2000. The United States elected a new president, not without pains. The Millenium Dome opened in London, England, only to end the year with the prospects of being torn down. Palestinians and Israelis went back to fighting in the streets amidst their hard struggle for peace. Sydney, Australia, hosted one of the finest Olympic Games ever. France won a nerve-wrecking Euro2000 soccer final. And Ferrari finally, after over two decades, won the Formula One World Championship. We won't tell you about it all, we'll just give you a souvenir from the F1 year that was: a wallpaper picture of all the trophies the Italian team had won, signed by the two drivers who brought them to Maranello - Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello.

Happy New Year from all of us, at Atlas F1!

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